OHMY Spring Summer’17 collection “Data-Paranoia”

Privacy. I don’t feel safe. I don’t want to be noticed. I can’t control
information about myself. It’s easy to manipulate me. I am addicted.
I feel your side efects.
My face is hiden. I delete myself. You can’t identify me.

Technologies. Future. Privacy. Fear. Information. Side efects. Accesibility. Addiction. Secret. Identity. Covered body. Fighters.

Relief. Oversized. Hidden. Androgynous. Militarism. Uniform. Binding.

Designer: Ugnė Martinaitytė

Photographer: Gertrūda Varnaitė

Make up: Brigita Možeikaitė

Models: Karolina Kapustaitė, Lukas Kavaliauskas (FFM)