I am Ugnė Martinaitytė, and I am a fashion designer.


I have graduated Bachelor of costume design in Vilnius Academy of Arts (Lithuania) and currently acting as a freelancer.

During more than 6 years of developing my designer skills I gained experience in different fields of fashion: costume design, styling photoshoots, brand design, commercials, workshops, assisting, casting, writing articles and other.

My collections have been presented in shows such as “Fashion Infection”, “Habitus Baltija”, etc. As a designer I was working with companies like “Schick”, “Imitz” and brands “Pura”, “Pando”.

I have worked as an assistant for designers like: Bibi Ghost, Irakli Nasidze, C/ Bruerberg, Michael Sontag, GROSSER HEINRICH, etc.

I also work with individual clients, projects and collaborations.

If you have any questions or you would like to work with me you are MORE than WELCOME to contact me.


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