Pret-a-porter collection “CosmoJesus” fall/winter 2014. “CosmoJesus” is the name of the collection in which cosmo-is space, Jesus-symbol of religion.

Collection connects two different worlds: physical and spiritual. The world’s most known religion-Christianity is not only about miracles, it also has many interfaces with space. My interests are space symbols in Christian icons and modern cosmonaut (astronaut).  I also look for symbols and interpret them differently, some of the symbols, like stars, I use to make a print.

Aureola above saints heads transforms into astronauts helmet and astronaut that flies to the space to look for science evidence is praying for God.

The idea of the collection is based on assimilation of these two interests. When Christianity becomes cosmos and Jesus-cosmonaut.

Many printed fabrics are used in the collection. The idea of prints is assimilation of Jesus and astronaut. Prints are used in bigger or smaller image, somewhere it‘s only a little piece of it. All cuts, fabrics and accessories are based on the same idea. Even shoes are created to show assimilation of Jesus sandals and astronaut/cosmonaut boots. Another technology that is used in the collection is LED lights that mean modern and new era of belief. LEDs are used in accessories, which creates aureola image above models heads.

By connecting these two images: Jesus and cosmos or in another words-space, I find a pure, scared, confused or even lost androgenic person, a man from the moon-that is a picture from my collection.


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